Charles Ross Products

  1. Batch Dilution System
    Ross SysCon Introduces New Batch Dilution System
  2. VersaMix

    Triple Shaft 200 gallon VersaMix

  3. Double Planetary Mixer

    Ross Introduces New Design of the Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer

  4. Ross Ribbon Blenders

    Ross Stocks New Stainless Steel Ribbon Blenders in many sizes from 1 through 120 cu.ft.


  5. Dual Shaft Mixers

    Ross Dual Shaft Mixers are an ecomonical alternative for the mixing and dispersion of viscous products. Vacuum and jacketed vessels are standard features of this design.

  6. MegaShear High Shear Mixer

    The highest shear rotor/stator design is the new Ross MegaShear rotor/stator mixer...

  7. Test and Development Center
    Ross maintains an 8000 sq.ft. Test and Development Center at its Hauppauge New York facilities.
  8. Ribbon Blender

    Charles Ross and Son Company has announced a stocking program covering its popular line of Ribbon Blenders. The Blenders are available for sale or rental.

  9. Solid Liquid Injection System

    The Ross Inline SLIM is a powder induction and mixing device based on the Ross Inline Mixer Emulsifier. The Inline SLIM consists of a rotor and stator mixing arrangement, specially designed to create negative pressure (vacuum) behind the rotor, which can be used as the motive force to suck powdered (or liquid) ingredients directly into the stream of the incoming liquid.

  10. Sanitary Mixer Emulsifier

    Charles Ross & Son Company manufactures a wide range of sanitary high shear mixing and dispersion equipment for fine emulsion and homogenization requirements.