Multiplex System
Perstorp Analytical's NIRSystems Process Analytics Bundle Multiplex System combines an industrially hardened on-line spectrophotmeter with a patented optical switching system
Users of membrane separation processes, including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration,
The company offers a completely new line of pH meters and probes based on rugged ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensor technology.
Sodium hypochlorite is widely used in the home and industry for applications such as hard surface cleaning, laundry bleaching, and swimming pool, toilet bowl water cleaning and wastewater disinfection.

How did we create the best pharmaceutical-grade dry solids feeders? Simple. We involved an international group of pharmaceutical manufacturing and process people in the design and development process. Then together, we developed and shaped new patented technology into feeding solutions optimized for jet milling, blending, extruding, packaging, coating and formulating applications.

These Induced Vertical Flow units are usually suspended from bins and silos although they can be supported from underneath
The CDH Thermostatic Steam Trap is a free draining sanitary trap that does not require vertical installation.
The MPT Series Regenerative Turbine Vane Pump is designed specifically for small flows at medium to high heads.
This automatic, self-cleaning, motorized water filter is available in sizes from 2" to 24" and single units can handle flow rates up to 12,000 gpm. The slow, controlled rotation and linear movement of the self-cleaning mechanism provides better screen cleaning in heavy TSS conditions. Filtration degrees are available from 5-3000 microns. Multiple filters can be mounted in parallel for unlimited fluid flow rates.


Tackle Your Toughest Interface Challenges

Reliable interface level measurement keeps production flowing. If liquids are not separated effectively, you face processing problems, equipment failures, production loss, fines and shutdown. That's why Magnetrol® matters. Our technologies are proven to accurately measure total level and interface layers. Because when it comes to interface, level matters. Learn more.


Ross equipment is the first choice for mixers, blenders, dryers and dispersion equipment. The company has a world-class reputation for innovative engineering, superb construction and fast delivery. Ross equipment is manufactured on five continents. In the USA alone, we operate five plants and a vigorous R & D program.

ABB is a technology-based provider of power and automation products, systems, solutions, and services. Building on our core strengths of technology leadership, pioneering spirit and a sustainable approach to business, ABB helps our customers to become more profitable while lowering environmental impact.