• Pentair Porous Media Vessel & Skid Rental Program Video

    Process plants frequently encounter process upsets and other events that affect throughput and increase operating costs, thereby adversely affecting profitability.

  • Video: Filamatic DFS Non-Dockable Rotary Lobe Filler Filling--Accommodates a wide variety of liquid filling applications and fluid types. Easily read touch screen with electronic volume adjustment controls for speed and ease of setup. A variety of metering systems are available including piston, flowmeter, and lobe that can provide consistent results with wide range of fills up to 200+ cpm. Design models offer CIP (clean in place) or COP (clean-out-of-place)options.
  • Video: DrumQuik® PRO Dip-Tube And Connector System DrumQuik® PRO is an easy-to-use dip-tube based connector system that can be used with common pumps to safely extract liquids from rigid containers (jerrycans, drums, and IBCs). The closed-system design virtually eliminates chemical and fume exposure to personnel and the environment while protecting the integrity of the chemical or food grade liquid being pumped.
  • SacMaster® Bulk Bag Unloader Video

    The SacMaster® is a versatile and safe bulk bag unloading system designed specifically to include important features and functions identified by bulk bag manufacturers and users in multiple industries.  Bag tensioning, hoist or forklift loading, height adjustability and the patented “Posi-Flow” agitation system, which fluidizes even the most compacted materials make SacMaster® the right choice for unloading starch, lime, aluminum dioxide, pigments, plastic pellets, and a wide range of other bulk materials.


ROSS, a 180-year-old manufacturer of industrial mixing equipment, has grown into one of North America's most well equipped and respected custom fabricators of storage tanks, pressure vessels and reactors. The pictured US-made 3000-gallon custom-fabricated manufacturing vessels are built and stamped according to ASME Section VIII Div 1, constructed from type 304L stainless steel, and designed for full vacuum up to 200 psi internal pressure at 200 degrees F.

The EL3060 series is compactly built and especially designed for hazardous areas.The gas analyzer is made up of the flameproof enclosed control unit which can also contain one analyzer.

Intermediate Bulk Containers are made to specification in standard capacities ranging from 0.5-liters to 4000-liters in round, rectangular and square geometries. We also offer fully customized solutions for more demanding applications such as high containment systems.

Used for lab scale and production operations at multiple International Pharma manufacturers, our Granulator containment technology applications take the idea of retrofits to another level.

Tray Dryers are a common method of dryer wetcakes and granulated drug products. This is especially true in the early product development phase.

Containment solutions for the contained offloading of Aurora Filters.

The DoverPac® Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) containment system is a family of contained transfer designs for multiple processes. The primary components for this validated operation consist of multiple groove canisters, docking interface hardware, and softgoods in either continuous liner form or discreet liners.

Containment challenges are presented in a variety of ways by different types of particle reduction machines.



Chemical Online - Containment
Chemical wastes in solid, liquid or gaseous state can cause disruption of health, injuries and even deaths and also lead to serious forms of destruction of the environment if improperly processed, stored and transported.
Chemical containment refer to storing chemicalssuch as acids (minerals),  alkalis, alcohols / glycols, fuels / oils and other organic and inorganic chemicals within specially manufactured barrels, containers, or drainage systems, rather than spilling it or letting it evaporate. 
Since it is obliviously more eco-friendly solution, it is considered to be used rather than applying eco filters and so. It takes more time, space and money, but it is worth. All storage areas must be well secured to prevent access by unauthorized persons.
Depending on the type of chemicals, different methods of storing are used for containment. Chemical grade high performance unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins are suitable for the manufacture of tanks, pipes and containers for acids, alkalis, fuels, water and other demanding materials.  There are frequently demanding chemical environments that require resistance to chemical attack and heat.  In that case, chemical grade resins should be used.
When it comes to storing chemicals ourselves, things are a bit different. We must pay attention to some apparently irrelevant things. All kinds of chemicals have to be stored separated, inside a closeable cabinet, well secured, and preferably locked, out of reach of children, pets, etc.
Take extra care when storing materials that in combination may cause a fire or explosion such as combination of oxygen and hydrogen. Toxic chemicals require a label with a highly visible sign. Also, use only containers specially made for this purpose. Do not use universal containers, containers for food and such. It is not worth the risk.