Video | November 14, 2008

Video: Filamatic DFS Non-Dockable Rotary Lobe Filler


Filling--Accommodates a wide variety of liquid filling applications and fluid types. Easily read touch screen with electronic volume adjustment controls for speed and ease of setup. A variety of metering systems are available including piston, flowmeter, and lobe that can provide consistent results with wide range of fills up to 200+ cpm.

Machine Type: DFS
Metering Systems: Piston, Lobe, Gear, Flow Meter, Positive Displacement, Rolling Diaphragms
Container/Closure: Glass, Plastic, Stoppors, Overcaps, Nalgene, Pen
Application: High Volume Production, Samples, Contract Packaging, Research & Development, Quick Changeover, OEM Applications, Hotel Amenities, Cost Reduction, Pen Filling
Industry: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetic, Food/Beverage, Healthcare, Personal Care, Chemical Specialty, Diagnostics
Product: Viscous, Semi-viscous, Water Thin, Lotion, Cream, Gel, Thixatropic, Particulate Laden Material, Shampoo, Adhesives, Laundry Detergent