Charles Ross Products

  1. Double Planetary Mixers

    Mixers- The Double Planetary Mixers contains two mixing blades that revolve on their own axis, as well as on a common axis, within the mix vessel. The mix pattern ensures that all materials in the vessel are intermixed within a few minutes.

  2. Systems & Controls
    Ross Systems and Controls (SysCon) is a leading worldwide supplier of control systems. We offer packages that range from simple on/off switches to sophisticated PLC based recipe systems. Each system, standard or custom, is designed to meet your specific needs...
  3. Planetary Mixers

    Ross has been the leading manufacturer of planetary mixers around the world since we introduced the original Double Planetary Mixer more than 75 years ago.

  4. Automated Discharge Systems
    Ross is a leading manufacturer of Automated Discharge Systems for use with Change Can Mixers. We operate five plants in the USA, along with Ross owned and licensed plants in Europe, Asia, the Indian Sub Continent and Africa. Our Discharge Systems are built from 1 quart to 1000 gallon capacity and all models can be fully automated...
  5. High Speed Disperser

    Ross has been the leader in the mixing industry for over 150 years. The ROSS High Speed Disperser is built with all of the features and versatility required to produce a variety of products. This age old design has been refined and updated for longer life, improved performance and reduced maintenance costs...

  6. Multi-Shaft Mixers

    Ross is the leading manufacturer of Multi-Shaft Mixers and has been since we introduced the original Multi-Shaft Mixer 30 years ago...

  7. Ross SLIM
    Powder induction shifts into overdrive. In the SLIM system, solids are combined with the liquid flow at precisely the point where positive mixing takes place. A specially modified rotor/stator generator equipped with Progressive Spiral Porting creates a powerful vacuum and draws the powder directly into the high shear zone, where it is instantly dispersed into the liquid stream.
  8. Sanitary Mix Vessels
    Stainless Steel Sanitary Vessels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The vessels shown are all constructed in type 316 ss and are designed for vacuum operation. Each includes a variety of nozzles and a large manway for ingredient addition.
  9. Ross SLIM - Powder Induction Technology
    Every process engineer who has worked with powders such as fumed silica, CMC, guar, xanthan, carageenan, alginates and other thickeners has come face to face with one of the toughest challenges in mixing. Many of the powders that are most often used in the process industries are infuriatingly hard to wet out and mix. They will float for hours on the surface of a liquid batch.
  10. High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixer

    Series 500 High Shear Mixers are built for service in critical manufacturing environments that require vacuum and/or internal pressure operation. The mixers are built with either single or double mechanical seals.