Hot Products

  1. Large-scale Carbon Filter Tanks

    Large-scale elliptical head pressure vessels for use as carbon filter tanks. Shown are two 5,000-gallon stainless steel vessels fabricated, designed and stamped for 100 psig at 230 degrees F in accordance with the ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1. Each tank is supplied with various size nozzles, lifting lugs, contoured pipe legs and an elliptical manway.

  2. Pharmaceutical Mixers

    Ross serves the requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry, in virtually every industrialized country around the world. We have the experience and production capacity that no other manufacturer of specialty pharmaceutical mixing and blending equipment can match.

  3. High Shear Mixers for Pharmaceutical Processing

    Ross manufacturers the world’s broadest line of rotor/stator Pharmaceutical High Shear Mixers.

  4. Pharmaceutical Mixer Design Considerations

    Description of process
    The first step in determining a pharmaceutical mixer for your application, is to consider the steps involved in your pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

  5. Vacuum Homogenizers & Systems for Pharmaceutical Processing

    Equipment strategies for increasing process versatility in the Medical Industry
    The best strategy for improving the versatility and efficiency of your mixing equipment will depend upon the parameters of your particular application. But for most applications, these general guidelines will at least provide a springboard to re-examine your equipment and develop a plan to improve production.


  6. Pharmaceutical Control Systems For Mixing Applications

    Add a control system that is powerful and flexible

  7. Pharmaceutical Mixing And Storage Tanks

    Ross builds polished pharmaceutical storage tanks, pharmaceutical mixing vessels, reactors, pressure vessels and atmospheric tanks, columns and custom transfer tanks to meet the special needs of the pharmaceutical and medical process industries.

  8. Dry Blenders for Pharmaceutical Processing

    Four types of pharmaceutical dry blenders are offered - Ribbon, Paddle, Vertical, and Tumble

  9. Powder Injection Mixer with High-Efficiency Charging Hopper

    Ross is offering a new high-efficiency charging hopper for its line of High Shear Mixers with Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology. The SLIM is a unique rotor/stator device engineered for high-speed powder injection into liquid without the need for eductors or pumps. The improved hopper design ensures a steady rate of feed delivery and prevents “rat holes” or bridging of bulk solids. Typical solids dispersed using the SLIM include fumed silica, CMC, guar gum, carbon black, carrageenan, xanthan gum, talc, alginates, pectin, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, starch, clays, alumina, carbomers, sugar, salts, dye powders and other additives or fillers.

  10. Cylindrical Ribbon Blenders: Model 42C

    The new line of Model 42C Cylindrical Ribbon Blenders are designed to mix dry powders, wet granulations and paste-like materials with densities up to 100 lb/cu.ft. Available in many sizes from 1/2 to 1,000 cu.ft. working capacity, Cylindrical Ribbon Blenders can be built for atmospheric, full vacuum or internal pressure operation. A full range of standard, heavy-duty and sanitary models are offered.