Charles Ross Articles

  1. Blending And Drying High-Density Powders

    For years, blending dense slurries has been a job for the traditional vacuum dryer with a rotating vessel. Today, processors are finding a different blender/dryer can handle the heaviest of materials more easily.

  2. Recommended Blending & Drying Equipment For Ceramic Powders And Slurries

    Ceramic powders that need to be mixed with other solids or coated with a liquid prior to drying are efficiently processed in a Vertical Blender/Dryer. Manufacturers benefit from the ability of the Vertical Blender/Dryer to quickly remove moisture or solvent from a wide range of feed forms — from slurries and pastes to granules, pellets and powders.

  3. Recommended Drying Equipment For Plastic Resins

    Vacuum-capable Vertical Blender/Dryers are proven equipment for drying plastic resins.

  4. Recommended Crutchers And Mixers For Detergent Slurries

    Different types of mixing equipment are utilized in the various stages of detergent production.

  5. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Floor Coatings

    Multi-Shaft Mixers capable of bulk agitation, high-speed powder wet-out and efficient heat transfer are ideal equipment for floor coatings based on epoxy, urethane, acrylic or hybrid chemistries.

  6. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Polishing Compounds

    A wide range of polishing and finishing compounds are formulated for different surfaces and applications.

  7. Recommended Blending Equipment For Feeds And Fertilizers

    Ribbon Blenders are well-proven equipment used in batch production of feeds and fertilizers. Ingredients are loaded into the U-shaped trough and mixed by a horizontal solid-shaft agitator consisting of inner and outer helical ribbons.

  8. Dual-Shaft Mixers For Efficient Powder Dispersion And Temperature Control

    Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers enable efficient powder dispersion and convenient batch temperature control in the manufacture of low to high viscosity formulations. Two heavy-duty independently-driven agitators, a high speed disperser and a two-wing anchor, deliver a wide range of shear levels and flow patterns that can adapt to the varying rheologies of solutions, pastes, gels, suspensions and slurries all throughout the mixing cycle.

  9. Charles Ross Announces Ross Storage Vessels

    Ross Storage Vessels are custom-built to meet exact specifications for pressure, temperature, material of construction, cover design, discharge assembly and access ports.

  10. Recommended Blending Equipment For Powdered Detergents

    Ross Ribbon Blenders are well proven in the manufacture of detergents and intermediate compositions. Granular and powdered raw materials are loaded into the U-shaped trough and mixed by a horizontal solid-shaft agitator consisting of inner and outer helical ribbons.