Application Note

Recommended Blending & Drying Equipment For Ceramic Powders And Slurries

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

Ross Vertical Blender/Dryers are ideal for blending and drying ceramic materials whether in powder or slurry form. These machines feature a slow-turning auger screw that orbits around a conical vessel. As it turns, the screw gently lifts material upward and towards the center of the batch. Product from the top cascades back to the bottom while mixing with material being moved upward by the orbiting screw. This agitation mechanism is very thorough yet imparts minimal wear making it suitable even for abrasive applications like silicon carbide and zirconium oxide. Unlike blenders that operate using a rotating vessel, the Vertical Blender is not sensitive to order of addition, positioning of raw materials and fill level. It also allows operators to add raw materials in stages or increments without having to stop the blender.