Application Note

Blending And Drying High Density Powders

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

For years, the challenge of blending extremely dense slurries, then drying the batch to powder form, has been a job for the traditional vacuum dryer with a rotating vessel. As the density of the ingredients rises, operators cope by reducing batch size to minimum levels or slowing down the blending rate to enable the hardworking blender/dryer to handle the job. In extreme cases, units are reinforced with a heavy-duty drive system and more wear-resistant materials of construction.

Today, processors are finding that a completely different kind of blender/dryer can handle the heaviest of materials more easily. This new solution is based on the aggressive blending action of the double planetary mixer, combined with carefully controlled heat and vacuum, which can outperform familiar blenders and dryers by a wide margin. As a vacuum dryer/granulator, the double planetary mixer can produce dramatic gains in end product quality and throughput.