Latest Headlines

  1. Phytonix Corporation Unleashes A New Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) Technology To Combat Climate Change

    Phytonix Corporation (Px) is proud to announce its recent success in developing breakthrough technologies to reduce harmful industrial emissions

  2. ExxonMobil Signs Collaboration Agreement To Accelerate Development Of Open Process Automation Systems

    ExxonMobil said recently it has signed collaboration agreements with six other companies to accelerate the development of Open Process Automation (OPA) systems.

  3. First Axens PolyFuel Unit Successfully Started Up At Petrobrazi Refinery

    After four years of teamwork for project development and execution, the new PolyFuel unit at Petrobrazi refinery was started-up and is fully functional since April 2019

  4. Metal Oxide-Infused Membranes Could Offer Low-Energy Alternative For Chemical Separations

    Chemical manufacturers consume a massive amount of energy each year separating and refining feedstocks to make a wide variety of products including gasoline, plastics and food

  5. Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Performance Pipe Division Office In Plano Earns VPP Star Status

    ​Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP is proud to announce the Plano office of its Performance Pipe division has earned Star Site designation by the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  6. Ayas Renewables Completes Definitive Engineering For Glycerin To Bio-Renewable Propylene Glycol Plant

    Ayas Renewables, Inc. has completed definitive engineering and is in the process of final site selection for a large-scale domestic plant to convert low-value waste biodiesel crude glycerol into high-value propylene glycol using the company's revolutionary vapor-phase process

  7. Topsoe To Build Demonstration Plant To Produce Cost-Competitive CO2-Neutral Methanol From Biogas And Green Electricity

    The demonstration plant, scheduled to be fully operational in the beginning of 2022, is expected to demonstrate that sustainable methanol production from biogas can compete with traditional methanol production based on fossil fuels

  8. Entegris Acquires MPD Chemicals

    Entegris, Inc., a leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials solutions for the microelectronics industry, recently announced it acquired MPD Chemicals, a provider of advanced materials to the specialty chemical, technology, and life sciences industries

  9. PetroLogistics ll Announces 500 KTA Gulf Coast PDH Project Using Dow FCDh Technology

    PetroLogistics ll LLC (the Company), a portfolio company of Quantum Energy Partners, announced today that it has licensed Dow’s proprietary fluidized catalytic dehydrogenation (FCDh) technology and plans to construct a 500 KTA propane dehydrogenation (PDH) facility on the US Gulf Coast

  10. NLMK Launches Green Coke And Chemical By-Product Recovery Complex

    NLMK Lipetsk, NLMK Group's flagship production site, has launched a recovery complex to capture and process chemical by-products from coke and chemical operations. The project will enable an increase in the production of raw materials for the chemical industry and the agricultural sector, and halve the shop's air emissions