Charles Ross Articles

  1. Mixing And Blender Leader Appoints Ken Langhorn As VP Of Sales

    ROSS is pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Langhorn to the position of Vice President of Sales.

  2. High Shear Mixer Providing Elite Shear for Manufacturers

    The patented ROSS MegaShear is an Ultra High Shear Rotor/Stator ideal for high-throughput emulsification, dispersion and homogenization.

  3. Chemical Industry Mixing Challenges: Considerations For Choosing The Right Equipment

    Efficiency, consistency, and repeatability are qualities the chemical industry strives for in mixing operations. However, finding the right mixing equipment, and the right mixer manufacturer, can be challenging. This article offers considerations for choosing chemical mixing equipment.

  4. Multi-Shaft Mixers Ideal For Gels And Cream

    ROSS VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers incorporate a proprietary powder induction feature for efficient charging of thickeners to produce high-quality gels, creams and pastes. The VersaMix includes a three-winged anchor and a high speed disperser blade which provide a robust combination of shear and bulk flow at various stages of the mixing cycle.

  5. Mixing And Blending Equipment Manufacturer Announces Major Expansion In China

    ROSS is pleased to announce the completion of a major expansion of its facility in Nantong, China. After more than 20 years of a successful joint venture, Nantong Ross Mixing Equipment Co. Ltd. has pushed ROSS to become the world's largest supplier of ribbon blenders in China.

  6. Discharge Systems Ideal For High Viscosity Applications

    ROSS builds advanced Discharge Systems with mechanisms to seamlessly fit almost any high-viscosity application.

  7. Ross Double Planetary Mixer With HV Blade Design Solves Problems In Mixing Ultra High Viscosity Sealants

    A major manufacturer of silicone sealants was looking to make a new, highly filled, silicone sealant. The desired product has a viscosity of over 9 million centipoise and is very “stickyâ€.

  8. Ross Sanitary Tumble Blenders Ideal For High Value Applications

    The ROSS VCB-0.25 Tumble Blender is uniquely suited for specialty blends with extremely minor active components and additives. Ideal for processing high value and delicate applications, the Tumble Blender is often provided in a sanitary all-stainless steel construction and imparts gentle agitation.

  9. New Mixer Minimizes Downtime For Manufacturers

    The Ross VMC-1000 VersaMix is a 1,000-gallon Triple-Shaft Mixer available on a pivot-design single-post hydraulic lift. 

  10. Selecting The Best Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment For Your Operations

    Finding the right mixing equipment isn’t as simple as selecting an item from a menu. This article is a guide to considerations when choosing pharmaceutical mixing equipment and vendors for a facility.