Article | August 27, 2019

Chemical Industry Mixing Challenges: Considerations For Choosing The Right Equipment

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

By Ken Langhorn, Charles Ross & Son Company

Efficiency, consistency, and repeatability. These are qualities the chemical industry strives for in their mixing operations. However, finding the right mixing equipment, and the right mixer manufacturer, for your unique products and operations can be challenging. This article will guide you through what to consider when choosing the chemical mixing equipment and mixer manufacturer for your facility.

Having the right mixing equipment for your unique processes, products, and operations is critical in two ways. First, the right mixing equipment plays a major role in creating the product exactly to both internal and external specifications. For example, if a company is using mixing equipment that doesn't provide the right amount of shear energy to create an emulsion of exact droplet size, the product may be out-of-spec or have a short shelf life. The right equipment will have the capability to impart the exact energy required for product specifications and longer shelf lives. Secondly, the right equipment can also give a chemical company a competitive edge because they can make a better product or make the product faster or more efficiently than other companies in the same market. Overall, the right mixing equipment allows a chemical manufacturer to supply product quickly, consistently, and reliably.