Snowbell Machines Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Semi-Automatic Vial Cap Sealing Equipment

    Single head vial cap sealing machine for sealing aluminum cap on vials. Manual placement and removal of the individual vials with rubber bung & cap. Sealing of aluminum caps is actuated by foot operated peddle. Machine can deliver an output up to 20 containers/ minute depending on the operator’s efficiency.

  2. Pre-Filled Syringe Equipment

    Available in various capacities with one-, two-, and three-head configurations with corresponding outputs of up to 40, 80, and 120 syringes/minute, automatic transfer of empty syringes from the tub to infeed chute of machine, pre-gassing and post-gassing with nitrogen gas, and precise dosing of liquid with three-piece syringe.

  3. Pharmaceutical Isolator For High-Potency Containment

    GMP compliant construction with all product contact parts made of SS316L. Chamber construction free of cracks and with radius and rounded corners. FDA approved silicon gasketing material and hypalon gloves is used. PLC  is used to communicate with the VHP generators and control uni-directional airflow speed and control isolator pressure.