Product Showcase

  1. Mobile Vacuum Cleaners

    The Schenck Process Vacuum Cleaning range offers a choice of Mobile, Truck / Trailer mounted or central fixed systems to suit every requirement. Removal of dust and spillage by vacuum cleaning maintains a healthy environment and reduces cross contamination caused through disturbance of dust from brushing.

  2. ROSS Skid-Mounted High Shear Powder Induction & Mixing System With Recirculation Tank

    The ROSS Model HSM-405SC-25 is an inline high shear rotor/stator mixing system incorporating SLIM (Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold) Technology. Unlike conventional eductors, the unique SLIM rotor/stator generates a powerful vacuum without the aid of external pumps and pulls powders directly into the mix chamber, promoting instantaneous wet out under high shear conditions. Mounted on a multipurpose skid with load cells, actuated valves and level switches, the pictured HSM-405SC-25 recirculates into a 400-gallon jacketed tank and is controlled from a 15” industrial PC with Windows.

  3. Enhanced Dilute Phase Conveying

    Schenck Process has developed a method to "enhance" the operation of a dilute phase convey system by minimizing the speed of the blower under all operating conditions. EDIP translates the performance of the equipment being used into a tangible conveying velocity set by the user.

  4. Thermoforming Machine: FI

    High-performance in-mold cutting thermoforming machine for food containers.

  5. Thermoforming Machine: FLD

    Pressure and vacuum thermoforming machine with steel rule die cutting for blister packs and industrial trays.

  6. Thermoforming Machine: FLCD

    Pressure and vacuum thermoforming machien with steel rule die cutting for food containers.

  7. Thermoforming Machine: FLB

    High-mix low volume production compliant small continuous thermoforming machine for blister packs, industrial trays, and food containers.

  8. Thermoforming Machine: CLC

    Hot plate heating type pressure thermoforming mahcine with grip type chain for food containers and blister packs.

  9. Thermoforming Machine: CLS

    Hot plate heating type pressure thermoforming machine for food containers and blister packs.

  10. Raman Spectrometers

    The extensive Raman spectrometer family from Anton Paar offers the right instrument for what you want to do: Identify unknown substances, verify samples in quality assurance, analyze the chemical composition of samples, or monitor their changes.