Mixing and Blending Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Benefits Of Ultra-High Shear Mixing Batch Mixing And Homogenization In The Chemical Industry

    Consider an ultra-high shear rotor/stator mixer for your process. Compared to other batch style mixers including high speed dispersers, traditional rotor/stator mixers and immersion mills, an ultrahigh shear mixer delivers more superior particle or droplet size reduction.

  2. Inline Mixing Of Gases And Liquids

    Efficient mixing of gases and liquids is a critical step in many chemical and biological process technologies.

  3. Mixer And Blender Options For Vacuum Drying Requirements

    Vacuum drying is ideal for processing heat-sensitive materials without risk of thermal degradation. It also allows manufacturers to recover costly solvents or safely dispose of any harmful volatiles removed from the closed system.

  4. Ribbon Blenders Are Ideal For Coating And Mixing Processes

    Solid-solid mixing sometimes involves powders that need to be uniformly coated with smaller particles of a different component. The ingredient that is coated onto the bulk material is typically a very small percentage of the batch, thus requiring thorough and uniform blending.

  5. Do’s And Don’ts When Using A Ribbon Blender

    To help ensure a long service life out of your capital investment and obtain high quality blends in every single batch, consider the following tips on ribbon blending.

  6. Alcohol Content Of Alcopops Measured With The Alcolyzer Beer Analyzing System

    An alcopop is an alcoholic cocktail that mainly consists of spirits like Vodka or Whisky mixed with lemonade. These pre-mixed drinks are very sweet due to the added sugar. Some alcopops are also based on beer or wine.

  7. A Guide To Nanomixing Technology

    This white paper presents an overview of mixing technologies employed in the dispersion of nano-sized solid particles into liquid. By Christine Banaszek

  8. Select A Powder Induction Mixer That Can Serve Multiple Mix Tanks Of Virtually Any Size

    Rotor/stator mixers specially designed to generate a powerful vacuum within the mix chamber are capable of inducting a wide variety of solids, from fine powders to friable pellets.

  9. Accelerate Bulk Powder Dispersion Into Liquid

    Mixing bulk solids into liquid can be challenging not only due to low solubility or resistance to wet-out/dispersion. The difficulty may simply be due to sheer volume.

  10. Mixing Applications In Selected Green Technologies
    As major developments continue to advance in the areas of renewable energy, green construction, green chemistry and many other markets, new mixing applications and processing challenges arise. The aim of this paper is to provide practical information on certain mixing requirements currently seen within selected green industries and how these production needs are being met through the efficient use of specialty mixing equipment.