Mixing and Blending Podcasts, Videos, and more

  1. High Viscosity Mixing Using Change Can Mixers

    Mixing challenges throughout the process industries are heightened as the viscosity and complexity of the mixture rises. This webinar reviews the numerous options that are available to help select the most efficient mixer for a users requirements.

  2. A Ribbon, Tumble Or Vertical Blender - Which Is Best For My Process?

    Dry blenders are typically described as being of horizontal, vertical or tumbling designs. On the surface it would seem that each can be used for the same application, but subtle differences usually make one preferable over another. This webinar helps to narrow the choice of the unit for a particular production requirement.

  3. Agilent Technologies Introduces The New Stand-Alone Sample Prep System At Pittcon 2011
    At Pittcon 2011, Agilent Technologies introduces their new instrument, a stand-alone sample prep system for LC and GC samples.
  4. Video: High Shear Mixer

    Charles Ross & Son Company manufactures a wide range of sanitary high shear mixing and dispersion equipment for fine emulsion and homogenization requirements. Many models are available to permit a client to select the exact machine for particular process needs.

  5. Video: Ross Inline Solids Liquids Injection Manifold (SLIM) System

    The Ross Inline Solids Liquids Injection Manifold (SLIM) System is great for inducting and immediately dispersing large quantities of difficult to disperse powders such as CMC, fumed silica, and carbomers.

  6. Ross Double Planetary Mixers

    Video: Ross Double Planetary Mixers