Mixing and Blending News

  1. 10 Things You Should Know When Considering A Tumble Blender

    Whether you're considering a tumble blender for your process or shopping for a suitable piece of blending equipment, here are 10 things you should think about before the making final decision.

  2. Mixing & Blending Control System Literature Available From Ross
    Ross has announced the completion of new 14-page literature covering its line of Control Systems used with Mixing, Blending, Drying and Dispersion equipment.
  3. Ross Stocks Sanitary Double Cone Blenders
    The Double Cone Blenders design is most often used for the intimate dry blending of free flowing solids. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in percentage of the total mixture.
  4. Ross Offers Special Paddle Mixer
    Charles Ross & Son Company recently completed a special vacuum mixer for slow speed blending of medium to high viscosity materials...
  5. Charles Ross Announces New Sanitary VersaMix Designed For Vacuum/Pressure Operation
    A new triple shaft Model VMC-40S Sanitary VersaMix was recently introduced. This unique mixer line is designed to provide maximum process flexibility to the user.
  6. Specifying a Control System
    The business of creating an efficient mixing or blending system is a spectacular balancing act...
  7. Ross Builds Special 600 Gallon Mixing System
    Charles Ross and Son Company announces the completion of a special 600 gallon Dual Shaft - Mixing and Dispersion and Control System
  8. Ross Offers New VersaMix Design
    Ross has announced the completion of a new Dual-Shaft VersaMix design incorporating a special helical agitator and high speed dispersion blade
  9. New Ribbon Blenders Ideal For Powders And Raw Materials

    Charles Ross & Son Company has introduced the Ross 42B Model Ribbon Blenders, which are used for straightforward blending of powders or other solid raw materials with a bulk density of 35 lbs/cu.ft. or lower.

  10. Ross Hits Sales Milestone In The Battery Industry

    Since introducing the world’s first change can mixer over 100 years ago, Ross recently continues to innovate and develop new solutions in mixing.