Material Handling Case Studies, White Papers, & Application Notes

  1. Dual Purpose Vacuum Conveyor Triples Company’s Production Throughput

    Whether it’s a start-up scaling up production to meet demand for a new technology that is taking hold in the marketplace, or established manufacturers developing new product offerings, the ability to react quickly to changes in demand depends greatly on a highly-efficient production process. This case study shows how one company introduced an innovative pneumatic conveyor to load and dispense its blended product into packaging. This endeavor led to reduced lead time, physical efforts, and dust from its loading operations.

  2. Case Study: Packaging Companies Discover Efficiency, Cost Savings And Increased Production Available Through Pneumatic Conveying

    With today's economic pressures, more plant managers and others charged with conveying powders, granular items, and flakes for packaging are adopting the automatic operation of vacuum conveying and packaging equipment as standards to hit critical price points for market success.

  3. Do’s And Don’ts When Using A Ribbon Blender

    To help ensure a long service life out of your capital investment and obtain high quality blends in every single batch, consider the following tips on ribbon blending.

  4. Bag Handling, Check Sieving, Weigh System
    In this installation, materials are received in 50-pound bags and semi-bulk bags and are security screened for foreign objects while being conveyed to a weigh hopper, where they are automatically hatched in predetermined weights and discharged into process drums
  5. A Clean Solution: Filling Processes In Washing Powder Production

    Mifa AG is Switzerland’s largest detergent and cooking oil manufacturer, and in addition to several types of butter, cooking oil and margarine, also produces detergents and household cleaning products in liquid and powder form. A suitable solution has now been found for the company’s outdated washing powder filling system that has done more than just positively affect productivity.

  6. Improve Safety In Your Mixing Room

    In the processing world, safety management cannot be overemphasized. The mixing room, in particular, is a source of many potential health and operational hazards.

  7. Tech Brief: Conserve Raw Materials In A Scalable R&D Mixer

    Developing a new formulation at the R&D stage can require multiple iterations to arrive at the optimal quality, functionality, cost or a combination of these and other factors.

  8. Automation Optimizes Fuel Supply

    Without concrete, our modern life is not conceivable. It is a versatile construction material – on land, on water, and when necessary even at dizzying heights. The base material cement is a decisive factor in the use of concrete, for example for roads, bridges, tunnels and towers – the construction material concrete has many potential applications and guarantees that construction components and structures are highly durable. To continue its success, a cement plant turned to modern weighing technology for its production processes.

  9. New Blade Design Gives Double Planetary Mixer A Bright Future
    In this age of technological marvels and Internet madness, it's refreshing to see an innovation that isn't the product of an exotic new technology.
  10. Improving Gravimetric Feeder Performance

    How can I improve my screw feeder’s gravimetric performance? In order to get material to feed better volumetrically, understanding material characteristics of what we are trying to feed must be analyzed first.