Material Handling Case Studies, White Papers, & Application Notes

  1. Case Study: Bag Handling, Check Sieving, Weigh System

    In this installation, materials are received in 50-pound bags and semi-bulk bags and are security screened for foreign objects while being conveyed to a weigh hopper, where they are automatically hatched in predetermined weights and discharged into process drums.

  2. Overview Of Mixing Technologies For The Production Of Low To High Viscosity Adhesives

    The ideas discussed in this paper are recommendations based on Ross’ collective experience as a provider of specialty mixing equipment to the adhesive industries for over 170 years. Mixer testing and simulation trials are recommended to confirm the suitability of a specific mixing strategy.

  3. Improve Safety In Your Mixing Room

    In the processing world, safety management cannot be overemphasized. In particular, the mixing room, where raw materials are combined to produce the final formulation, is a source of many potential health and operational hazards.

  4. Ribbon Blenders: A Best Practices Guide

    This white paper presents some basic best practices for efficient processing in a Ribbon Blender. The ideas discussed here are recommendations based on practical and technical experience gained by Ross over several decades as a leading supplier of Ribbon Blenders to the process industries worldwide.

  5. Automating Dry Bulk Ingredients In A Manual Process

    When automating a dry bulk ingredient addition into a manual process, it can be difficult to know where to begin. But, before looking at equipment, there are several key factors that need to be considered.

  6. Granulating With High Quality

    Unipetrol assigned the design and implementation of the new solution to its trusted supplier company INELSEV, holder of the Sivacon Siemens Technology Partner certificate. New control systems came into use at different points in the production process.

  7. Dual Purpose Vacuum Conveyor Triples Company’s Production Throughput

    Whether it’s a start-up scaling up production to meet demand for a new technology that is taking hold in the marketplace, or established manufacturers developing new product offerings, the ability to react quickly to changes in demand depends greatly on a highly-efficient production process. This case study shows how one company introduced an innovative pneumatic conveyor to load and dispense its blended product into packaging. This endeavor led to reduced lead time, physical efforts, and dust from its loading operations.

  8. Case Study: Pneumatic Conveying Systems Prescription For Maximizing Material Delivery
    Whether it is direct loading of blenders, mixers and other vacuum tolerant vessels, gentle handling of empty or filled capsules, the dust-free transfer of ingredients to table presses, or clean up of materials, pneumatic conveying systems and vacuum technology have become an indispensible tool in streamlining pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production lines. By VAC-U-MAX
  9. Blending And Drying High-Density Powders

    For years, blending dense slurries has been a job for the traditional vacuum dryer with a rotating vessel. Today, processors are finding a different blender/dryer can handle the heaviest of materials more easily.

  10. A Guide To Nanomixing Technology

    This white paper presents an overview of mixing technologies employed in the dispersion of nano-sized solid particles into liquid. By Christine Banaszek