Material Handling Case Studies, White Papers, & Application Notes

  1. Granulating With High Quality

    Unipetrol assigned the design and implementation of the new solution to its trusted supplier company INELSEV, holder of the Sivacon Siemens Technology Partner certificate. New control systems came into use at different points in the production process.

  2. Case Study: Packaging Companies Discover Efficiency, Cost Savings And Increased Production Available Through Pneumatic Conveying

    With today's economic pressures, more plant managers and others charged with conveying powders, granular items, and flakes for packaging are adopting the automatic operation of vacuum conveying and packaging equipment as standards to hit critical price points for market success.

  3. Case Study: Working Together To Solve A Feeding Problem
    Pfizer Inc., headquartered in New York, produces human and animal prescription medicines for national and international markets. One of the company’s global research and development centers, located in Ann Arbor, Mich., operates a pharmaceutical sciences pilot plant in nearby Holland, Mich., that produces preproduction quantities of various products for testing before full-scale production at other facilities. The pilot plant was experiencing an ongoing problem manually feeding a range of solid materials into various-sized inerted reaction vessels that contained a solvent. By Schenck AccuRate
  4. New Blade Design Gives Double Planetary Mixer A Bright Future
    In this age of technological marvels and Internet madness, it's refreshing to see an innovation that isn't the product of an exotic new technology.
  5. Automation Optimizes Fuel Supply

    Without concrete, our modern life is not conceivable. It is a versatile construction material – on land, on water, and when necessary even at dizzying heights. The base material cement is a decisive factor in the use of concrete, for example for roads, bridges, tunnels and towers – the construction material concrete has many potential applications and guarantees that construction components and structures are highly durable. To continue its success, a cement plant turned to modern weighing technology for its production processes.

  6. Pneumatic Conveyor Provides Competitive Edge For New Bio Based Detergent Expansion

    Sticky powders present manufacturers and processors with unique material conveying challenges involving volumetric auger fillers that dispense powders, granulars, and flakes for packaging. This article demonstrates how a proprietary vacuum conveying design prevents a sticky material handling problem. 

  7. Mixer And Blender Options For Vacuum Drying Requirements

    Vacuum drying is ideal for processing heat-sensitive materials without risk of thermal degradation. It also allows manufacturers to recover costly solvents or safely dispose of any harmful volatiles removed from the closed system.

  8. Case History: Vacuum Conveying System Integral To 2000% Growth Strategy Of Food Additives Supplier
    Automated material handling, including vacuum conveyor system, is the key to Piasa reaching twenty-fold growth, equaling the production capacity of all major competitors combined. By VAC-U-MAX
  9. Pneumatic Conveying Systems Prescription For Maximizing Material Delivery
    Whether it is direct loading of blenders, mixers and other vacuum tolerant vessels, gentle handling of empty or filled capsules, the dust-free transfer of ingredients to table presses, or clean up of materials, pneumatic conveying systems and vacuum technology have become an indispensible tool in streamlining pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production lines. By VAC-U-MAX
  10. Key Components Of Pneumatically Conveying Difficult Materials

    Fine-tuned flow promotion devices, suitable filters and filter placement, as well as vacuum receiver design ensure peak performance in a system.