Material Handling News

  1. New! VAC-U-MAX Model 860/02 Industrial Vacuum For Combustible Dusts
    The VAC-U-MAX Model 860/02 is perfect for managers who want to eliminate drum handling, and collect and discharge their powders in a safe, dust-free & convenient way.
  2. New Blade Design Gives Double Planetary Mixer An Edge With Viscous Applications

    In this age of technological marvels and Internet madness, it's refreshing to see an innovation that isn't the product of an exotic new technology.

  3. Charles Ross & Son Company Announces Patented Ultra-High Shear Mixer
    The Ross PreMax is an ultra-high shear mixer featuring the patented “Delta” rotor/stator assembly. The unique geometry of the Delta rotor/stator generator produces a double vortex that draws batch material from both the top and bottom of the mix chamber, accelerating dispersion and producing rapid turnover rates.
  4. Ross Offers Special Paddle Mixer
    Charles Ross & Son Company recently completed a special vacuum mixer for slow speed blending of medium to high viscosity materials...
  5. Charles Ross Announces Ultra-high Shear Homogenization And Particle Disintegration

    The Ross MegaShear Ultra-High Shear Mixer is designed for homogenizing dispersions and disintegrating large solid particles or droplets suspended in liquid. A unique inline rotor/stator design, the MegaShear’s mixing head (US Patent No. 6,241,472) turns at tip speeds well over 11,000 ft/min and generates extremely complex flow patterns without sacrificing throughput

  6. New System For Efficient And Large-Scale Dispersion Of Bulk Solids

    Ross offers complete mixer packages for fast and efficient dispersion of bulk solids in large batches. Pictured is a 1000-gallon Dual-Shaft Mixer with Inline Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) and Recirculation Skid. At the heart of the process is the SLIM Technology which utilizes a specially engineered rotor/stator that generates a powerful vacuum for drawing solids into the mix chamber. 

  7. Ross Expands Mixer Testing Capabilities
    Technical Director Ken Langhorn announces the addition of new mixing and blending equipment at the Ross Test & Development Center located at the company’s headquarters in Long Island, NY. The new additions include a 1-cu.ft.
  8. Ross Offers New PowerMix Planetary Disperser For No-Charge Testing

    Ross Technical Director Ken Langhorn announces the addition of a new 10-gallon PowerMix Planetary Disperser to the Ross Test & Development Center.