Charles Ross Articles

  1. Mixer And Blender Options For Vacuum Drying Requirements

    Vacuum drying is ideal for processing heat-sensitive materials without risk of thermal degradation. It also allows manufacturers to recover costly solvents or safely dispose of any harmful volatiles removed from the closed system.

  2. Reconditioned Double Planetary Mixers Ready For Immediate Shipment

    Ross announces the addition of seven reconditioned Double Planetary Mixers to its inventory, all ready for immediate shipment and available for either trial/rental or purchase.

  3. Ribbon Blenders Are Ideal For Coating And Mixing Processes

    Solid-solid mixing sometimes involves powders that need to be uniformly coated with smaller particles of a different component. The ingredient that is coated onto the bulk material is typically a very small percentage of the batch, thus requiring thorough and uniform blending.

  4. Do’s And Don’ts When Using A Ribbon Blender

    To help ensure a long service life out of your capital investment and obtain high quality blends in every single batch, consider the following tips on ribbon blending.

  5. New Planetary Disperser And Discharge System Turnkey Package

    Ross introduces a new Planetary Disperser and Discharge System Turnkey Package designed for high-viscosity, multi-stage mixing requirements. The Ross PowerMix (US Patent No. 4,697,929) consists of a stirrer blade and a saw-tooth disperser, both of which rotate on their respective axes at different speeds while orbiting the mix vessel. 

  6. New Surface Treatments And Coating Options Offered On Ross Mixers

    Charles Ross & Son Company now offers a variety of surface treatments, coatings and alternative materials on its full range of mixing, blending, drying and dispersion equipment for the processing of high-purity, sensitive, corrosive or abrasive products.

  7. Ross Completes Its 3000th Double Planetary Mixer

    Charles Ross & Son Company, a manufacturer of specialty mixing, blending, drying and dispersion equipment, recently completed its 3000th Double Planetary Mixer.

  8. Fast Delivery Of V-Cone And Double Cone Tumble Blenders

    Fully-equipped Ross V-Cone and Double Cone Tumble Blenders are now available from stock or with fast delivery times.

  9. A Guide To Nanomixing Technology

    This white paper presents an overview of mixing technologies employed in the dispersion of nano-sized solid particles into liquid. By Christine Banaszek

  10. Wide Selection Of Ross High Shear Mixers Offered With Fast Delivery

    Over 30 different sizes and models of batch and inline Ross High Shear Mixers are offered from stock or built-to-order with fast delivery. Whether new or reconditioned, each rotor/stator mixer available for purchase or trial/rental is backed by the same Ross warranty.