For nearly four decades, Scott Turbon Mixer has designed and manufactured high performance, high shear mixers and turnkey mixing systems for use in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical process industries. Whether your challenge is formulation development, process scale-up, or full-scale manufacturing, Scott Turbon offers a full range of mixing technologies and solutions to meet these challenges.


The introduction of powders into a fluid process is one of the most challenging mixing duties you will come across. Incorporating powders directly into a liquid stream, can speed up your process, improve your product quality, while at the same time improve operator safety.

The Hydraulic Ram (HR) Mixers are designed and built for full scale production. Its adjustable mixer height allows for a variety of batch sizes and viscosities.

Scott Turbon® Top Mounted Mixers are designed to rapidly disperse, dissolve, hydrate, and de-agglomerate processes for a broad range of industries and applications.

Scott Turbon® Bottom Mounted Mixers are designed for difficult mixing applications. They offer all of the high shear features of the Top Mounted Mixers with the added benefit of saving overhead space while increasing operator working room.

Scott Turbon® Laboratory, Top Mounted, and Hydraulic Ram Mixers can be fitted with additional mixing technology for more efficient processing of thick products. 


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  • Introducing a Revolutionary system for mixing powder into liquid! The CDM provides continuous processing of powder ingredients into a liquid stream. The resulting material is maximum yield of a uniform lump free dispersion ready for immediate use. The CDM offers an increase in productivity, improves product quality, and a reduction in operator error.

  • Discover the benefits of Scott Turbon Mixer technology for batch mixing. From smaller in-tank batches to large multi-tank platforms.

  • Scott Turbon Mixing Module marries our high-performance mixers, with an optimal geometry vessel, electrical controls, and optional discharge pumps and accessories into an engineered package.

  • Move mixer from one batch to the next batch in seconds with no downtime, Scott Turbon Mixer Hydraulic Ram.

  • Watch a Scott Turbon Mixer high shear Top Mount Mixer in action. Discover what the top mount mixer can do for your applications.

  • Discover the unique abilities of Scott Turbon Mixer heads.

  • Scott Turbon Mixer has developed a number of application-specific mixing systems for the food processing industry that addresses the most challenging material handling and mixing applications you will come across.