Welcome to MIDAC Corporation - the industry leader in application-specific FTIR. We manufacture innovative FTIR spectrometers for laboratory, factory, on-line, and field applications.

MIDAC is your source for a wide range of FTIR solutions including hardware, software, integrated systems and even consultation. You can count on MIDAC instrumentation for reliable, practical, and accurate chemical and moisture analysis whether you need:

  • on-line process analyzers or CEMs
  • analysis of formaldehyde, HCl, and other combustion byproducts
  • ppb detection of moisture in ammonia or other corrosive matrices,
  • semiconductor gas analyzers,
  • indoor air quality analysis and monitoring,
  • outdoor fenceline, plume or other open-path analysis and monitoring,
  • dedicated QC workstations,
  • service lab and research benches,
  • or a host of other rugged, reliable FTIR solutions.







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