News | October 15, 2010

VAC-U-MAX Announces Model 110MFS Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Source: VAC-U-MAX

VAC-U-MAX Model 110MFS Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. Designed for fine or difficult powders found in food plants and bakeries, chemical plants, and general manufacturing. The Model 110MFS has 80% more suction power than most other vacuums in the 5HP class to handle difficult materials such as flour, corn starch, powder coatings, resins, dough, carbon black, and many more The Model 110MFS handles fine particles with a standard PTFE (Teflon-coated) leaf-style filter rated 99.9% @ 1 micron. An aggressive manual filter shaker prevents filter blinding and maintains high vacuum levels. The tall 20-gallon collection container has built-in casters for easy removal, and the Vacuum Equalizer Kit allows for collection in standard plastic bags for dust-free disposal and easy clean-out. The Model 110MFS uses a quiet, continuous-duty, TEFC direct-drive vacuum producer and is equipped with a NEMA 4 starter. This unit is also available in 110V/220V single-phase unit. The Model 110MFS is made in America by VAC-U-MAX.