TTH300 and TTF300 Temperature Transmitters


ABB Instrumentation introduces a new generation of smart HART temperature transmitters.

The TTH300 (head mounted) and TTF300 (field mounted) transmitters offer user friendly sensor calibration and innovative backup redundancy for two Platinum 100 resistance thermometers with 3-wire connections. Inputs include resistance thermometers and thermocouples, resistance type transmitters, and millivolt voltage transmitters. Two inputs may include RTD and thermocouples in combination. Output is a 4-20 mA signal incorporating HART protocol communications fieldbus technology.

Sensor calibration functions increase the efficiency of processes. Improved accuracy for resistance thermometers results from sensor adjustments based on 1-point, 2-point calibration, or linearization via the Callendar van Dusen equation. Measuring accuracy is ±0.1 K for Pt resistance thermometers along with long-term stability of ± 0.05 percent per year.

Extended diagnostics provide more operational information, reduced downtimes, and reduction of maintenance and service costs. The units continuously monitor the temperature sensors and transmitter functions. Sensor monitoring includes wire-break, short circuit, out-of-range signal, and corrosion.

An outstanding feature of the new generation of the TTF300 field-mounted, smart HART transmitters is the state-of-the-art display with configuration options that enable users to easily adjust to process requirements. Its large, easy-to-use terminal block with convenient cable guide ensures a secure connection with the sturdy and compact IP 66/67 (NEMA 4X) aluminum or 316L stainless steel field housing.

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