The Air-Pallet Container

Source: E-V Systems Inc
The Air-Pallet Container
The Air-Pallet Probe Screw Feeder plugs into the Air-Pallet Container...
The Air-Pallet Probe Screw Feeder plugs into the Air-Pallet Container. The screen facilitates and controls withdrawal of aerated powders. The receiver can be the process itself, conveyor, weigh hopper, secondary feeder, etc. Selected batch quantities can be discharged as measured by loss in container weight or gain in receiver weight. Reliable cut-off in the +/- one pound range is achievable directly from the container. For weighments requiring precision in ounces, the probe screw should supply a secondary feeder which delivers precise increments to a weighed receiver.

Since the container is never opened and contents are emptied in a closed system, dust emissions and product contamination are minimized.

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