News | May 19, 2014

Techniflo's Sulphuric Acid Pumps Now Available For The Chemical Industry


Global Pumps introduces a new range of pumps from Techniflo designed to withstand the challenges of pumping sulphuric acid in various applications.

Sulphuric acid is used for lead-acid batteries in vehicles, processing ore, refining oil, manufacturing fertiliser, processing wastewater and synthesising chemicals among many applications. Handling sulphuric acid in the chemical industry has always been challenging as it is a strong mineral acid that is highly corrosive; very stringent rules must therefore be applied for the handling and pumping of this acid.

Techniflo’s TB-mag series pumps have assisted thousands of customers around the world with pumping sulphuric acid up to 120°C and 98% concentrated.

Thanks to the premium design, the Techniflo pump eliminates concerns about leaky seals that can cause damage to the environment and those handling the chemicals. Most of these sulphuric acid pumps are close-coupled, saving money on coupling guards, mechanical coupling, precision alignment tools and bearing frames.

Techniflo's mag-driven pumps allow users to effectively and safely pump sulphuric acid more reliably than, and just as efficiently as mechanically sealed pumps. The direct bolt-in replacement capabilities allow the existing sealed pump to be replaced easily without having to change the motor size, wire gauge, or breakers.

SOURCE: Global Pumps