Process Automation - SIMATIC PCS 7: Process Control System Scalable From Lab To Commercial Manufacturing

A paradigm shift is taking place today and FDA regulations that once restricted change are now enabling the adoption of new technology by the pharmaceutical industry. This change increases the need for an automation and control system that can support process control and knowledge management for better product quality and faster delivery.

Advancing technologies through an integrated approach

Siemens supports its customers in the pharmaceutical industry not only to meet the demands of the market and comply with government regulations but also to increase the productivity and safety of its processes. Our concept of Totally Integrated Automation enables companies to focus on comprehensive process and knowledge integration. Such an approach makes it possible to optimize all aspects of the pharmaceutical production supply chain.

Automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

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Product Brochure: Totally Integrated Automation

Easy scale up with a single platform
The development of new API products (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) often requires several upscaling steps. Siemens offers tailored automation solutions based on the standard products of the SIMATIC family for all stages of the development and manufacturing process – from laboratory, pilot projects and production. Because of the modular design and scalability, Siemens automation products are ideally suitable for use in the development and manufacture of chemical and biopharmaceutical active agents.

SIMATIC PCS 7: Tech transfer is a common issue throughout the life sciences industry and requires a system capable of easy scale up fro pilot to manufacturing. Our offerings span the gap from solutions for the laboratory in the form of SIMATIC PCS 7 Lab to a compact control system for pilot plants with SIMATIC PCS 7 BOX and up to large distributed multi-user/multi-client systems. This modularity brings decisive benefits when it comes to the design, implementation and expansion of your facilities. As the same automation architecture can be used for small-scale and large scale production, tech transfer is simplified and the time-to-market can be considerably shortened.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Minimizing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by Integration of all new and existing automation systems (process, discrete and safety) and devices (process, discrete and electrical) within your facility
  • Delivering higher Performance by maximizing system reliability and availability
  • Continuous technology Innovation - from one of the world's leading automation suppliers
  • System Scalability from 100's of I/O to greater than 100,000 I/O points
  • Reduced risk through integrated process safety and comprehensive IT security
  • Protection of automation investments through a step-wise Modernization strategy
  • A Global network of experts and Solution Partners providing service and support locally

SIMATIC PCS 7 Lab: Greater efficiency in the Laboratory
Are you looking to increase the speed of drug discovery and better manage pre- and post-clinical experimental data?

PCS 7 Lab is a mobile and flexible system for process development and experimentation that is based on the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. Its flexibility allows quick and easy reconfiguration to maximize the number of experiments performed in a safe and repeatable manner. It helps you manage pre- and post-clinical experimental data in order to quickly capture and protect new discoveries (intellectual property). It can also be combined with SIPAT, Siemens offering for PAT, to support implementation of Quality By Design. The configuration can be scaled up seamlessly to pilot plant and manufacturing applications helping to reduce validation costs, make technology transfer easier, and reduce time to market.

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Brochure: SIMATIC PCS 7 Lab

SIMATIC PCS 7 BOX: the compact, low-cost process control system for small applications
Looking for full process control capability for small-scale applications?

In the past, with small-scale, hybrid process applications, you had to make significant compromises when selecting a control system. Use of a traditional PLC or DCS has meant settling for a system that does not deliver the optimum form, fit, or function, and whose total installed cost may be higher. PCS 7 Box changes all of this by combining the best of both PLC and DCS capabilities into a single compact scalable industrial PC, whose small footprint addresses scalable solutions from OEM skid to complete distributed architectures.

Optimized for process applications consisting of from small to medium point count, PCS 7 Box combines all of the components of a full-scale process automation system into a single package:

  • Hardened Controller (in a PCI slot form factor)
  • PROFIBUS and Ethernet interfaces (built-in)
  • Operator Interface (HMI) software
  • MS-SQl-based Data Historian
  • OPC Client / Server
  • S88 Batch & Recipe Management (SIMATIC BATCH)
  • Engineering Software
  • Tools to support 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Asset Management
  • Tools for Configuration / Troubleshooting of smart field devices (PDM)

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Brochure: SIMATIC PCS 7 Box

SIMATIC PCS 7: Process Control System
Do your process automation applications come in all shapes and sizes?

Manufacturers like you are looking for a single scalable system that can be used everywhere in their company - from laboratory to pilot plant to production facilities. You're also looking for a system that can grow with you when new products or capacity are needed. The system must be able to meet the unique requirements of each application, yet still remain cost effective.

SIMATIC PCS 7 is uniquely flexible, scalable, and modular, allowing you to address all your process applications no matter what shape or size:

  • Scales smoothly and easily from small (a size of 100 I/O points) up to extremely large systems (a size of 100,000 I/O points) and everywhere in between
  • Modular hardware, software, and licensing makes it easy to grow with you
  • Common hardware and software for all process applications eliminates re-engineering, enables smooth technology transfer, and reduces cost
  • Batch software that is "Fastest to First Batch"™ helping you reduce time to market

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Product Brochure: SIMATIC PCS 7: Process Control System