Application Note

Select A Powder Induction Mixer That Can Serve Multiple Mix Tanks Of Virtually Any Size

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

Rotor/stator mixers specially designed to generate a powerful vacuum within the mix chamber are capable of inducting a wide variety of solids, from fine powders to friable pellets. Available in Ross mixers, this technology is called SLIM, short for Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold. One big advantage to the inline configuration of the SLIM is flexibility. An inline SLIM mixer can handle a 5,000-gal stirred tank as easily as it handles a 50-gal batch. It can be rolled up to an agitated tank, operated for only the powder induction portion of the overall cycle, then rolled to another vessel to perform a similar function. Thus, a single portable inline mixer can serve several tanks rather than sit idle in a fixed installation for a substantial portion of the batching cycle.