Scott Turbon Dual/Triple Shaft Mixers

Source: Scott Turbon Mixer

Scott Turbon® Laboratory, Top Mounted, and Hydraulic Ram Mixers can be fitted with additional mixing technology for more efficient processing of thick products. 

The dual shaft mixer normally utilizes a high shear mixer in conjunction with a sweep, scrape surface, or turbine agitator. For low shear applications, a pitch blade turbine with a sweep or scrape surface agitator, or a counter-rotating concentric shaft arrangement can be incorporated.

The triple shaft mixer consists of a sweep or scrape surface agitator, a pitch blade turbine and a high shear mixer. When a counter-rotating mixer is requested, a bottom mounted mixer is fitted to the tank to complete the system. 

Standard Features:

  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • #4 sanitary polish (approx. 32 Ra)

Optional Features:

  • UL certified XP control panels
  • Stainless steel* or XP motor
  • Higher electro-polish finish available
  • Heating/Cooling jacket on tank and temperature controls
  • Vacuum system