Process Gas Solutions

Source: Aerzen

The differences in compressor technologies can be found right where the demanding applications are. Where often highly critical processes gases and coolants are compressed. In the chemical, petrochemical, energy, food, or pharmaceutical industries. The demands on plant design, engineering, documentation and worldwide service in those industries are often just as high as the safety and environmental guidelines to be followed.

For over 150 years, Aerzen has been developing a unique expertise for these industries. Beginning with Europe’s first rotary lobe compressor, which we developed in 1868. Our history has given rise to a unique knowledge pool of technological advances and know-how. And we have focused it primarily on our PGD center – the Aerzen Process Gas Division.

From Application To High-End Solutions

It is not the machine that determines the process – it is the process that determines the machine. This is our philosophy. Anyone as application-oriented as AERZEN invests heavily in groundwork. The kind that results in a solid understanding of the client’s business. The kind that forms the basis for the high-performance solutions that come from our design forge. State-of-the-art technologies for the most demanding process gas and coolant applications. 

Understanding The Process.

The philosophy and technical design underlying process gas and coolant facilities demand a high level of intelligence. After all, they are expected to work in the world’s most demanding industries. Often in highly critical applications. That is why AERZEN has gathered together its best minds in the Process Gas Division. A team of excellently trained specialists from construction, instrumentation, control, and project management. With international experience in all areas of process gas compression and transport. They operate in Germany, Hungary, and the USA. For markets and industries the world over.