New Brochure Summarizes Full Line Of ABB Positioner Solutions


Six-page, full-color gatefold brochure covers the full line of ABB's digital and conventional positioner solutions. The brochure notes the scope of the offering, ranging from valves with less than 0.25-inch stroke to large actuators. Input signals may be pneumatic, 4-20 ma, or digital and fieldbus installations.

According to the brochure, ABB's TZID and TZID-C intelligent digital positioners offer the broadest range of capabilities and are adaptable to every industry. These positioners provide the power of digital control to single acting, double acting, linear, and rotary motions. The positioners come with embedded micro-processor based intelligence, diagnostics, and bi-directional communications.

The brochure also covers ABB's conventional pneumatic and electromagnetic AV positioners. The AV is standard for either single or double acting applications with mechanical position indicator and independent zero and span adjustments. A sampling of features noted includes high throughput capacity, characterizable output, simplified reverse operation, and adjustable speed control.

SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics

ABB Measurement & Analytics