Article | July 9, 2012

New Blade Design Gives Double Planetary Mixer An Edge With Viscous Applications

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company
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In this age of technological marvels and Internet madness, it's refreshing to see an innovation that isn't the product of an exotic new technology.

  • No Space Age metallurgy or microelectronics.
  • No complex chemistry.
  • Just a new design idea that solves a 50-year-old challenge in high-viscosity mixing.

The innovation that is suddenly stirring up excitement in the world of high-viscosity mixing is the HV Blade (patent pending) that Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y., recently introduced along with the new DPM Double Planetary Mixer. According to Doug Cohen, Ross vice president of Technical Services, the HV Blade is fundamentally different than any planetary blade seen before.

"With the down-thrust action generated by its helical geometry, along with the absence of a lower crossbar," says Cohen, "the HV Blade is capable of handling materials at viscosities far beyond the capabilities of conventional double planetary blades."