News | April 28, 2008 Takes Manufacturing To A Web 2.0 World Which Changes How Distributors Buy, And Collaborate With Manufacturers

Ferndale, WA - Upon new release of there online store, they have brought a team of chemists to indulge consumers and distributors with new products that are entirely organic and 30% less of the cost that harsh chemicals., which is a division of Optimal Chemical Inc. (OCI) started in the manufacturing industry in 2007 of November after acquiring the company from Penek Chemical. Markus Skupeika, CEO is leading this manufacturing company of natural cleaning products in an entire new web 2.0 direction.

With the CEO's background in technology after starting up two other largely successful internet companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Markus Skupeika has brought on new members to the team including some very prestigious chemists that have developed products from larger companies such as Bayer and other international recognized manufacturers.

Markus has stated... "Our goal is to change the manufacturing industry. We are bringing the process online and allowing distributors and entrepreneurs to collaborate with Manufactures and build there businesses easily from an established online manufacturing entity. This creates more opportunities for distributors who are looking for companies to manufacture products for them, buy niche products, and distribute effectively. We are even going as far as selling concentrates of our products directly online, this is something no company has ever done.

It is essential for a business to buy and supply excellent natural cleaning products and lotions to there customers, as well as collaborate with the manufacture. This is where fits in with there web 2.0 technology."