Article | November 14, 2016

MIDAC Titan On-Line Analyzer: Online Analysis In The Real World

Source: MIDAC Corporation
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The MIDAC Titan On-Line analyzer is designed for use in industry wherever the measurement of gas stream components are required.

The Titan OL is widely deployed, with clusters operating around natural gas deposits. Natural gas is used in the manufacture of ammonia, and plants world-wide depend on the MIDAC analyzer to protect their catalysts from poisoning by moisture.

Another popular application is in the manufacture of perfluoropolymers, where corrosive gas streams have rendered all other forms of online analysis impossible.

The Titan OL is built using 100% compatible wetted materials, so that even the most intractable sample matrix is now accessible. All PTFE gas cells are available, with heated manifolds and pneumatic sample valves alleviating automation issues such as stuck solenoids. By tackling each potential failure route within each application MIDAC are able to offer online analysis with >99% uptime.