MIDAC Announces Titan-OL Gas Analyzers For Pollution Applications

MIDAC Announces Titan-OL Gas Analyzers For Pollution Applications Costa Mesa, CA -- MIDAC's Titan-OL systems provide real-time, multi-component extractive gas phase analysis for on-line and continuous multi-point analysis.

The TItan OL System was developed for:

  • CO2 Stack Gas Levels
  • Process Efficiency
  • Ammonia Slip
  • Control Device Monitoring &?DRE
  • PLUS many more applications

Features include:

  • Proven low maintenance
  • Calibration free replacement system for your CEMs
  • Does the work of multiple CEMs
  • EPA validated test methods
  • Multiple sample lines
  • Rugged Class 1 Div II
  • Turn-key complete sampling systems
  • Hottest cells on the market
  • Custom solutions for your application
  • Results include formaldehyde, NOx, SOx, CO, H2O, CO2, NH3, etc.

Titan-OL systems include a rugged industrial FTIR spectrometer system, gas cell(s), sample manifold, valve control electronics and software. Hardware is enclosed in appropriately rated NEMA enclosures, (up to and including Class 1, Div 1) or in a standard industrial rack mount cabinet. MIDAC's exclusive fiber optic distribution electronics provide a single hub for temperature, pressure, mass flow, external alarm and optical switching signals and can accommodate up to four 12 port manifolds for a total of 48 sample, purge and calibration lines. Communication between the hub and control computer is over fast, stable fiber optic cable.

SOURCE: MIDAC Corporation