News | October 6, 2017

Metadynea Trading, Controlled By Seyfeddin Roustamov, Carries Out A Trial Delivery Of Micronized Hexamine To American Producers Of Compounds

In 2018-19, the company’s shipments on the US market will increase up to 3 thousand tons or over US$ 2.5 million.

Washington, DC. (PRWEB)  In 2018-19, the company’s shipments on the US market will increase up to 3 thousand tons or over US$ 2.5 million. The expansion of deliveries will be possible due to the market launch of a new fine chemicals product – micronized hexamethylenetetramine (hexamine).

The trial delivery of the commercial batch of the micronized product has already been carried out to one of America’s largest producers of compounds. The product may be of interest to the suppliers of materials for the aircraft industry, industrial resins and crop protection agents.

To facilitate work with American consumers, the company is considering the possibility of setting up a buffer storage in Michigan with capacity of several hundreds of tons, that would allow delivery to customers at a prompt notice.

“Our current presence on the US market is quite limited, we supply one of methanol derivatives – hexamine. In the meantime, we constantly look at distribution opportunities and build contacts with a number of US consumers”, noted Seyfeddin Roustamov, beneficiary of the company.

Metadynea Trading, a trader with its headquarters in Switzerland, is involved in sales of chemical products (methanol, hexamine, pentaerythritol). The annual revenue of the company is over US$ 100 million. Current company’s customers portfolio includes leading world companies such as Akzo Nobel, BASF, Dow Chemical, Eastman Chemical. The volume of deliveries to the US market during last three years exceeded 7000 tons, which es equivalent to US$ 6 million. The company ranks among ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors.

Metadynea Trading is a part of Metafrax group of companies, one of the largest producers of methanol and formaldehyde in Russia and Europe. Majority shareholder of PJSC Metafrax is Russian company MetaHolding, which is controlled by Seyfeddin Roustamov.

Hexamine is a chemical product used in a number of industries such as production of industrial resins, industrial rubber goods, explosive materials, fuel tablets and means of chemical treatment for mineral fertilizers.


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