News | June 30, 2021

McCrometer, Inc. Announces NSF-61 And NSF-372 Certification For Electromagnetic Meters

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

McCrometer, Inc., a globally recognized flow meter manufacturer, recently announced NSF-61 and NSF-372 certification of the Ultra Mag® and Dura Mag® electromagnetic (mag) flow meters.  

NSF-61 is an international standard for drinking water and certifies that the Ultra Mag and Dura Mag, as well as all components and materials, meet health and safety requirements for the municipal water industry.

Based on customer demand, McCrometer began the process of certifying the Ultra Mag and Dura Mag in early 2021. Beforehand, McCrometer certified the FPI Mag® in 2017, for line sizes 4” – 120”, and the M0300-series Mc®Propeller (saddle-style) flow meter in 2019. The NSF certification process is complex and requires thorough product testing as well as auditing and spot-testing to maintain and verify compliance.

Achieving NSF certification for the Ultra Mag and Dura Mag is a testament to the robustness of the materials and manufacturing process, as well as the integrity of McCrometer’s quality team.

“The fusion-bonded epoxy is a major component of why these mag meters meet NSF standards,” explains Memphis Huff V, product manager for the mag meter product line and quality lead for McCrometer. “It has a lifetime guarantee that the epoxy will prevent liquid from reaching non-stainless components, rubber seals, polyurethane, and more in the meter body. The mag meters’ NSF certification is really due to the power of the epoxy!”

McCrometer maintains processes in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015, a management standard signifying that McCrometer operates in a way that allows for the highest quality manufacturing.

“Our purchasing department vets all vendors to ensure quality materials, our engineering department is diligent in checking all approved materials lists to ensure safety and compliance with standards, and manufacturing builds the flow meters according to the approved procedures and specs every time,” Huff reports. “McCrometer’s core values include superior performance and quality for our customers. NSF certification for the Ultra Mag and Dura Mag is simply the latest achievement as part of our continuous improvement goals.”

McCrometer’s NSF-61 compliant flow meters are approved for potable water applications, food and beverage applications, water treatment centers, and even applications for crop irrigation or livestock watering. McCrometer plans to certify additional flow meters to NSF in the future, as part of the ongoing mission to meet the needs of customers in the municipal water industry.

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