News | October 11, 2022

Linde Starts Up New ASU To Support Wanhua Chemical Group Expansion

Linde today announced it has started up a new air separation unit (ASU) to supply gaseous oxygen and nitrogen to Wanhua Chemical Group (Wanhua), the world’s largest producer of isocyanate (MDI), a key ingredient in the manufacture of high-performance adhesives and synthetic fibers.

The new plant joins four existing ASUs, also built, owned and operated by Linde, and completes a major expansion project for Wanhua at its integrated chemical site and production center at Yantai Chemical Industrial Park, China. Linde’s advanced technology and engineering expertise means all five ASUs have the capacity to operate flexibly, resulting in higher reliability, improved energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Linde’s Yantai complex will also provide industrial gases to other customers within the Yantai Chemical Industrial Park.

“This start-up allows us to increase our network density and reliability in the fast-growing region of Yantai,” said Will Li, President Greater China, Linde. “Furthermore, by leveraging Linde’s advanced technology, which enables more flexible and efficient production of industrial gases, we can continue supporting Wanhua’s growth plans, alongside other customers in the region.”

Source: Linde