News | August 15, 2014

Information Technology And Information Security Development Forum Held In Shanghai

Following the success of the inaugural 2013 Information Security Industry User Forum, recently, gongkong® again jointly Institute of Electronics, Information and the Ministry of Science and Technology, organized by the "smart security." 2014 China Industry and Information Technology and the Information Security Forum.

More than 200 users and research institutions from power, municipal, transportation, public facilities, water, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries, and Design Institute, the control system business audience gathered together around the industry of information technology and information security both major themes to explore a full range of intelligence and information security Road industrial control systems.

At present, the world is there to information networks, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials for the representative of the new wave of a technological innovation, industrial development produced an increasingly profound impact. Theorists and industry generally have a consensus that the core of a new round of industrial revolution is the application of information network technology.

However, the promotion of open network technologies while maintaining smooth industrial data transmission, information integration to reduce costs, network security put forward higher requirements. In the manufacturing sector of the Internet trend, gongkong® MIIT jointly organized by the relevant departments of the event, to promote the latest information technology and application of information security technology, to effectively promote the industrial enterprises and IT enterprises to deepen cooperation, boost China's industrial restructuring and upgrading.

The forum to get the leadership of the Ministry of Security Division always concern and attention. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Director of Information Security Coordination Division Cai wild come to the meeting. MIIT electronics and a deputy director Li Novosti speech. Lee Novosti stressed that our country is facing industrialization and information technology to promote the dual historical mission, and called more experts, businesses, organizations involved in work related to industrial control systems of information security in the past, for our building "industrial powerhouse" and "network power" to provide a safe and reliable environment for development.

During the event, gongkong Institute of Electronics, Information and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the "2014 China Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Information Security Blue Book." gongkong Di Lin, general manager of marketing research for Chinese industrial control systems information security market summary and outlook.

Then, from the Ministry of Electronics an expert and supplier of industrial control systems and communications security equipment providers on behalf of - Qingdao Haitian Weiye, Siemens, Belden Hochman, Beijing East soil science and technology, Shenzhen three busy traffic, the dot com Wei, Shanghai three zero guards, Schneider, Peter Grace networks lectures, from concept to application, share industry information security solutions with the participants.

The meeting concluded under the auspices of Di Lin, industry experts and representatives of industry and information security companies launched a fierce peak dialogue. Industrial Information security and defense dialogue around the theme of how the times to discuss the current challenges users face when implementing information security, and enterprise security products and solutions that bring value to our customers. Discussion of site users to actively participate in the Forum for hardware and software maintenance, security product life cycle, special industry safety norms and other hot topics of the Forum guests actually ask questions, guests through practical business experience to the user to make a reply.

To allow more people to participate in the discussion of information security industry, industrial TV for meetings online synchronous live, industrial IT APP, the official micro-channel, three micro microblogging platform activities and wonderful tidbits on the forum will be broadcast live, so users through micro- Bo message, the user questionnaire, etc. actively involved.

SOURCE: China Industry and Information Technology