News | January 17, 2006

Industrial Nanotech Teams With European Distributor To Reach The U.K. Consumer

Naples, FL - Industrial Nanotech Inc., a company that specializes in nanotechnology innovation and product development, is pleased to announce that the Company has received a 300 gallon order for its Nansulate coatings, including Nansulate HomeProtect, the Company's newest product that provides energy savings and mold protection for residential and commercial buildings. The products were purchased by a U.K. affiliate of Kologen, Ltd., Industrial Nanotech's distributor based in Istanbul, Turkey.

This international order is the second significant order facilitated by Kologen. Previously, Industrial Nanotech reported an 800 gallon order of Nansulate Translucent from Kologen Ltd. This order was actually for 950 gallons as the original quantity announced did not include the sale of the Company's ancillary products, Nansulate TopCoat and NanoPrime. These products are designed to provide the best results for priming and protecting Nansulate Translucent's coatings.

"Making our products available domestically in the U.K. has been a top priority for us. We receive more inquiries from Britain than anywhere else in the world outside of the U.S., however high shipping costs for individual consumers have limited sales," commented Francesca Crolley, VP of Operations and Marketing for Industrial Nanotech.

"We are pleased that Kologen is working with us to enable Britons to purchase our products from within the country. British consumers are very savvy when it comes to new technology and they have shown a great interest in Nansulate as a versatile solution in the home improvement space. I anticipate the U.K. becoming a very significant market for Industrial Nanotech's products."

SOURCE: Industrial Nanotech Inc.