In-Line Sampling Valve

Source: ITT Industries, Engineered Valves

In-Line Sampling Valve
CHEM SHOW '99: The Richter PA Sampling Valve is utilized in corrosive chemical service and high-purity media.
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CHEM SHOW '99: The Richter PA Sampling Valve is utilized in corrosive chemical service and high-purity media. As this product is a fluoroplastic lined valve, it will generally be used in plastic-lined, FRP, or plastic piping systems. The valve has been developed to provide the user with a simple and safe method for taking samples of corrosive chemicals and high purity process media, including those with trace amounts of solids. It integrates a cavity-free body, hermetic stem sealing, and automatic shut-off via a spring loaded lever handle. The PFA-lined, ductile iron body allows it to be used at temperatures to 400°F. To ensure leak-free operation, the stem seal arrangement combines a hermetically sealed bellows with an adjustable stuffing box configuration.

In practice, when the lever handle is operated and the plug lifted from the seat, a sample from the line is discharged through the seating area and is captured in a sample container attached to the bottle adapter. Air in the container is released through a vent connection in the adapter and can be optionally piped to a vent or scrubber system within the plant. Once the sample is taken, the operator simply releases the spring return handle and the valve automatically closes. This safety handle feature frees the hands of the operator to unthread and cap the sample container quickly and safely. The PA Sampling Valve is available in 1- and 2-in. sizes and can be supplied with a variety of bottle adapters. Options include pneumatic or electric actuators in lieu of manual operation.

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