Article | April 11, 2019

Improving Relationships With Automation

Source: Aptean

By Dmitry Kirshner, Senior Solutions Consultant

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As an avid photographer, I'm always ordering equipment to support my hobby — cameras and lenses, filters and flashes, different cases to carry what I need. Each order is followed by a number of emails — confirmations, shipping notices, delivery receipts, and feedback requests. Each message contains some extra information — a suggested filter based on my order history, a link to a tutorial video for my last camera, a thank you message for the review about the case I ordered.

Transactional messages like these are eight times more likely to be opened since the recipients are anticipating them. Automating these communications can save an untold number of hours, allowing employees to focus on value-add activities; they also deliver quality, personalized content that can solidify relationships with customers, vendors, and even internal stakeholders.