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Choose Gilmont flowmeters for all your industrial and laboratory applications
Choose Gilmont flowmeters for all your industrial and laboratory applications. Measure and control liquids and gases in a wide range of applications with precision and repeatability.

Gilmont offers flowmeters in a variety of materials, including Aluminum, Brass, and S.S. Standard and high precision metering valves, and a wide range of direct reading scales are available for most models.

The 65mm and 150mm series have precision glass metering tubes, glass and S.S. floats. These flowmeters have "Unitized" tube holders for easy tube replacement. Front shields have 1.5X magnification for more accurate readings.

These flowmeters follow industry standard dimensions for easy retrofitting and direct replacements. Standard panel mounting hardware is supplied with each meter, and tripod bases are available for benchtop applications.

Designed around rigid OEM, process plant and maintenance engineering applications, this 65mm size incorporates all features and quality of the larger flowmeters, in compact size.

All tubes are protected within the Unitized holder and strong aluminum frame, A lens magnifier makes the scales easy to read.

Calibration tables for both air and water are enclosed with each flowmeter.


65 mm Construction
Wetted End Blocks, Fittings and Internal Parts: Anodized Aluminum, Brass, 316 Stainless Steel.
Seal Materials: Buna N or Viton® sup.
Side Plates: Aluminum
Metering Tube: Borosilicate Glass enclosed in the Unitized holder.
Piping Connections: Aluminum, Brass or 316SS, 1/8" FNPT horizontal on inlet and outlet.
Scale: Ceramic fused on glass tube, length - 65mm.


Pressure Rating: 250 psig max. operating.
Temperature Rating: 250°F max. operating.
Accuracy: ±5% full scale flow rate.
Repeatability: 0.25% of scale reading.
Range: 10 to 1, ie. 100% of full scale.
Scale Readings: mm or direct readings, air and water.


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