Article | November 14, 2016

FTIR Extended Range And Extended Analysis

Source: MIDAC Corporation
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The MIDAC Air Monitoring Extended Range analyzer system was purpose built for fence-line monitoring. It sees utility in fugitive emissions monitoring, air quality analysis and leak detection.

The AM-ER system was developed from the standard AM instrument with power and precision in mind. With the AM capable of making open path measurements over distances of hundreds of meters the enhanced infrared array source, together with MIDAC’s Newtonian telescope and AM instrument enable users to make measurements over distances of 1km plus.

The systems currently see use in fence-line monitoring applications and in research, based in environments as diverse as chemical plants, cattle feed-lots and hog lagoons. Difficulties inherent in all open path metrology techniques are effectively handled by the analyzer, with only a stop and go button required by the operator to make sensitive, accurate measurements.