Fisher-Rosemount Upgrades DeltaV Software

N/AeltaV process control and management system has been updated with features that extend its utility for batch processors. Version 3.2 now includes an easy-to-use advanced control using fuzzy logic, a patented autotuner technology, an integrated batch historian, and a new OPC Mirror product that eliminates proprietary interfaces between different kinds of hardware and Microsoft-compatible software. It is also fully Y2K-compliant.

This is the second significant enhancement to DeltaV in just one year," says Jim Hoffmaster, president of <%=company%> Systems, adding that the upgrade is available at no cost to current DeltaV users.

The fuzzy logic controller is incorporated into the system as a standard controller function block. Since this controller can be autotuned, it is as easy to use as a PID controller, according to F-R. (The autotuner also works with conventional PID control strategies.) The Batch Historian provides reporting and analysis capabilities. The OPC Mirror allows the transfer of object data between as many as five OPC servers. Fully network-enabled, the OPC Mirror can reside on a PC, on the OPC server hardware, or on a PC remote from the OPC servers.

DeltaV, which is an integral part of F-R's PlantWeb control and process management architecture, features a scalable control system, based on the Windows NT operating system, and including many of F-R's other control products, such as transmitters and controllers.

By Nick Basta