ECOBULK LX Transport Container

Source: Container Technology, Inc.
The ECOBULK LX® is a transport container for liquids up to
The ECOBULK LX® is a transport container for liquids up to specific gravity of 1.3 for chemical and related industries that require containers that are both safe and economical.

Size: 275 Gallons


Inner container:
High molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion blow molded, shaped to ensure complete discharge of contents

Outer container:
Rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid, with a large identification plate and Return Ticket pouch

Heavy duty stringer pallet

Filling opening:
6" (150mm) opening with screw cap and o-ring seal; option: additional 2" BSP threaded ventilating plug 9" opening available without UN certification

Discharge valve:
Protectively placed intergrated 2" (DN 50) butterfly valve with outlet sealed by aluminum lined PE foil, closed by o-ring, PE disk and screw cap.
Capable of handling U.N. regulated materials up to 1.3 specific gravity

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