News | June 10, 2014

Dry Pumps Suited For High-Speed Applications


Edwards’ CDX pumps are particularly useful in drying and other applications where high pumping speeds are required at high inlet pressures. For those using vacuum systems for distillation or reactor service applications, this pump, sometimes in combination with mechanical boosters, is usually the most suitable.

One advantage of the pump is that it is a complete, compact “plug and pump” solution, enabling customers to save money and time. Another advantage is that it is quiet, particularly important when pumps are situated in an area where people are working. The advanced chemical dry pump features cutting-edge tapered screw technology for enhanced energy efficiency and performance.

It has excellent reliability, is environmentally friendly and provides good liquid and solids handling. The pump offers low maintenance, with up to five years between services—which together with low energy usage and utility costs provides chemical and pharmaceutical companies with low cost of ownership.

SOURCE: Edwards Vacuum Ltd.