Density and Concentration Sensors for Three Component Liquids: DSRn 427 and DSRn 427S

Source: Anton Paar USA

Online Liquid Density Sensors

Anton Paar’s instruments for measuring density and concentration for three-component liquids.

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The DSRn 427 and DSRn 427S density and concentration sensors combine the measurement of density and sound velocity in one compact instrument. The evaluaton unit determines density, sound velocity and temperature and uses these values to calculate the concentration of three-component liquids.

Installation directly in the main line

  • Simple installation of DSRn 427S directly in the main line via an Inline Pump or Inline Adapter 

Robust design for safe use

  • Housing made of robust stainless steel or varnished cast aluminum for operation under harsh conditions
  • Waterproof according to IP65
  • Hygienic design, all wetted parts are CIP compatible

Typical applications

  • Alcohol, real extract and original extract in beer (Beer Monitor)
  • Saccharose solutions and partly inverted sugar
  • Formaldehyde / methanol / water
  • NaOH / NaCl in water

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