Cleanable Side Entry Filter Receiver (CSER)

Source: Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials (FPM)

The Cleanable Side Entry Filter Receiver (CSER) revolutionary design will help food and pet food producers comply with today’s challenging industry sanitation requirements, while minimizing operating and maintenance costs. The Sentry™ is a side entry cartridge filter with tool-free cartridge removal.

Incorporating current sanitary best design practices, the CSER is a side entry cartridge filter with tool-free cartridge removal. Confined space entry safety concerns are eliminated. This unique cleanable design model significantly decreases maintenance and provides easy access for cleaning and inspection.

Part of the Clean Design Initiative, Schenck Process’ patent-pending CSER filter is designed to meet challenging requirements for sanitation and inspection in the food, pet food and chemical markets. 

Just a few simple steps are needed to access the CSER and conduct a thorough internal clean-down. Rectangular, envelope-style cartridge design minimizes product retention on the filter cartridge. Wide pleat arrangement delivers high air-to-cloth ratios.


  • Low headroom applications
  • Dust collector
  • Primary receiver to separate product from convey air
  • Ideally suited for pressure or vacuum applications


  • Horizontal surfaces where product or water might collect are minimized
  • Internal components in the product contact areas are minimized
  • Product side of the filter is easily accessed from the clean air plenum
  • Exclusive new hinged tubesheet design provides a flush internal surface and a rigid surface to seal the filter elements
  • Tubesheet mechanism can be completely disassembled for sanitation—leaving only the welded stud requiring in-place cleaning
  • Loose parts are significantly reduced with a one-piece cartridge hold down assembly and captured fastener
  • There is no need to remove purge pipes when replacing filter elements, because the header, diaphragms, and purge pipes are located in the hinged plenum door