News | March 14, 2012

Chilsonator System From Fitzpatrick For High Containment Roll Compaction Application

Source: Quadro Engineering Corp.

The Contained Chilsonator System (CCS 1025) is Fitzpatrick's latest development in roll compaction and uses the company's latest technologies. It is designed to fully contain all product in its processing and receiving sections. This tightly sealed design allows for the optional Product Containment System (PCS) to be added at the discharge.

The Fitzpatrick Feed System delivers material to the rolls utilizing a feed hopper, horizontal feed screw for metering material, a vertical pre-compression screw for deaeration and transport of feed material to the compaction rolls.

The high-speed, vertical, pre-compression feed screw(s) is very effective at deaerating the vast majority of powders. Even many low bulk density powders are able to be effectively conditioned for efficient compaction. This Feed System design provides significant process advantages with few components to clean and maintain.

In a few applications, the material characteristics restrict the ability of the entrained air to be vented from the system utilizing the pre-compaction screw alone. In these applications, the optional vacuum deaeration system is available to assist in drawing the entrained air from the product. Vacuum filters can be installed in various locations and a vacuum pump system is utilized to forcibly remove entrained gas from within the product. Process improvements can be dramatic with respect to both compaction efficiency, as well as capacity.

The CCS 1025 is flexible in that it can be installed as either a free-standing or "in-wall" Unit. The "in wall" version is a particularly attractive feature for Pharmaceutical manufacturers as it enables them to minimize the processing area, thereby reducing clean room size requirements. Another important benefit of the very effectively sealed process area is that it facilitates W.I.P., which minimizes air-borne dust and reduces overall cleaning time.

SOURCE: Quadro Engineering Corp.